Quality Crafted Bed Benches for Any Style Bedroom in Melbourne

Gorsia Design is proud to be one of Melbourne’s leading designers of bed benches for luxurious homes. With years of design experience, Gorsia Design focuses on the sophisticated style that’s demanded by architects and interior designers. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the exclusive range of end of the bed benches displayed in our showroom for furniture in Armadale, Melbourne. Our sleek designer bedroom ottomans and benches are created in Melbourne and can be delivered across Australia.

Customised Creations from Our International Designer

Each bedroom storage bench we design and create is constructed from the highest quality materials, such as cherry wood and Italian leather. Our international designer is happy to work to your desires and produce a custom made bed bench that suits your specific tastes and perfectly complements your home. Speak to us today for a bespoke end of bed bench that can be tailored to any colour, size, fabric and finish.

Complementary Furniture Pieces for Your Bedroom

Are you looking to complete your bedroom with other luxurious furniture pieces? Gorsia Design is dedicated to providing quality bedside tableschests of drawers and more to complement your Melbourne bedroom. For stylish furniture on High Street, Armadale, visit our showroom today.

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